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TT85+ N> Tanks (perm), Sniper and Bragi

Hi again @ euro Odin

our TT has the Range 85-95 at the moment and we search Tanks for perm, also we search a Sniper till ***Arwen*** has internet. 

Our Bragi we need 2 weeks, with than 1 week break and 2 weeks again. Because our perm must go to work and can just 1 week, the other 2 weeks we search another Bragi.


pm Ingame to



(Tayachan )

3.2.09 22:39

TT 81+ N> Mass-DD, Bragi

we start the tt again next week monday

but we need, Bragi, because our perm bragi has only 1week time, and then 2weeks break because work, so we need for this 2 weeks everytime a other bragi !!!

 and if we can found a sniper as mass-dd the gypsy from sugar can comes as sp-song or crit-song with us, but pls help to find what we need

the party goes monday-tuesday-thursday 6pm to 11pm and i hope all members can be 5:45pm on the partyspot in prontera next elegy-spot

 sorry for my really bad english


11.1.09 18:03


Our new Sharerange can be 77 - 91

because the lowest member (perm) is 81, and the highest is 86 but, the lvl-up to 87 comes soon

 Times are Mo/Tu/Th 18-23 o' clock

*AIice* is only Sniper if we can't found other one, so pm if you want come with us as Mass-DD 77-91  

18.11.08 23:42

TT 76+ (or 80+) N> Perm-Mass-DDs @ 10.11.2008

Our TT need Mass-DDs from next week till the party ends.

Times are: 18 o' clock - 23 o' clock

The Range can be 80+ if .Vampire. can't come.

pls Sign in or contact us <3

 Tayachan & .:Tama:.

5.11.08 16:08

euRO Loki 75+ Mass-DDs (Rebi)

an alle Mass-DDs on euRO Loki 75+, meldet euch
4.11.08 08:40

only for TT-Planung

26.10.08 22:11


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